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Artificial Grass in Winter

Yet another reason to support installation of artificial grass; low maintenance, even in winter!

By: Bold As Grass

There have been lots of obvious questions, such as Is frost and snow damaging?‘ or ‘Can I still walk across & use my lawn?‘ so we’ve put together a simple, short insight for you:

Where natural grass is easily damaged well into the following year after a particularly harsh winter, the icy-cold effects aren’t a great problem for those who have the forethought of installing Artificial Grass.

The grass blades are not adversely affected by extreme cold or prolonged frost, however, we do want to may it clear that allowing ice formation to melt naturally is crucial. Attempting to chip or lift ice away from the lawn may result in the yarn becoming damaged.  Salt can be used in small, regulated quantities, however, it can clog the drainage holes if used to excess.
There is absolutely no reason why you cannot walk and use the lawn, as you would any other natural lawn.  Caution is needed as it can also be just a slippery…..there’s absolutely no reason for a snowman not taking pride of place if the white-stuff does fall!
We wouldn’t advise removing snow with a snow shovel, simply due to the strain it places o the blades as well as the backing. If it’s crucial that snow is removed, ensure you use a shovel with a plastic nose, NOT a metal edge.

Once the snow has melted, you may find that the grass is a little flat.  It will recover over time, however, a brush with a stiff broom always helps lift the pile and keep it looking fresh.

If you want your lawn looking its best for next season, book us in for our Aftercare Service (Click to link).  All the benefits of a professional refresh gives you peace of mind, knowing you’re getting the longest possible lifespan from your investment, as well as keeping it in fantastic-looking condition!


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