What are the benefits of artificial grass?

A perfect solution when you're time-poor

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We all love the look of a fresh, green lawn. In reality, however, it’s often near impossible to achieve this. Grass is high maintenance and sensitive to changing weather conditions. Throw kids and pets into the mix, and you’ve got little left but mud. If this sounds like the state of your lawn, don’t despair! You can easily and effectively end your garden woes with an artificial lawn. Here we take a look at some of the benefits of artificial grass.

It’s a low maintenance solution

A natural grass lawn can be hugely time consuming and these days our lifestyles are so busy that often there simply aren’t enough hours in the day for us to give our gardens the care they need. It can take hours to mow and edge an average sized lawn – that’s a huge chunk out of your weekend. Add in the time you spend weeding and you’ve got no chance to relax in the garden before you have to go back to work.

An artificial lawn solves this problem. It doesn’t grow, so it doesn’t need mowing and while you may still need to pull up an occasional weed, they won’t take over and damage your lawn the way they can with natural grass. Artificial lawns last for years with barely any maintenance, so at last you can have the relaxing weekends in the garden that seemed unachievable before.

Artificial grass can also be highly beneficial for elderly people, who may no longer be physically able to mow their lawns, but still want a beautiful garden that they can enjoy.

It’s highly durable and hard wearing

Another benefit of artificial grass is that it can withstand all kinds of weather conditions and climates, as well as heavy usage. It is also fade-resistant, so it will remain lush and green, even in the hottest weather. The same can’t be said for natural grass – a few days of hot sunshine and you’re left with unsightly brown patches in your lawn.

An artificial lawn is an ideal choice if you have pets, especially if you have a dog – it makes it much easier to clean up their mess and they can’t dig it up. Also, it can’t get muddy, so there’ll be no more need to worry about unwanted paw prints throughout your home.

It’s also a great choice if you’ve got children, as they can often wear out patches of a natural lawn by playing ball games. This can lead to large muddy areas developing, which can cause problems around your home. Artificial turf can withstand a lot of rough treatment. It’s also a soft surface, so it’s ideal for play, while still looking pristine at the end of the day.

In addition, it’s well worth considering artificial turf if you’re arranging an outdoor event such as a wedding. If you’re going to have a lot of people gathered outside, things can quickly turn muddy on natural grass. An artificial lawn can take a high level of foot traffic without sustaining any damage – a huge relief for the bride, who won’t have to worry about dirty marks ruining her dress.

It’s kind to the environment

As artificial grass doesn’t need watering, it enables you to conserve water, while maintaining the appearance of a fresh and healthy lawn.

An additional benefit of artificial grass is that it doesn’t require fertilisers and there’s no need for pesticides either, as it won’t attract pests as it doesn’t provide them with a natural habitat.

Artificial grass can be a viable option if you’re planning a roof garden. Many roof areas can’t support the weight of natural turf. The light weight of artificial grass makes it an ideal solution in these circumstances.

It’s kinder to your wallet

Artificial grass is cheaper than other man-made ground coverings like paving. In the long run, especially when you take into account the comparative maintenance needed, it often also works out more cost effective than a natural lawn.

It comes with expert advice

If you really want to gain the benefits from your artificial grass, it’s worth seeking professional advice before going ahead. Contact us today for more details of how our experienced professional team can help you achieve the lawn you’ve always wanted. 

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  1. Kate Hansen

    I like how you included that artificial grass doesn’t need watering so it enables you to conserve water. My schedule is really busy and I can never seem to find the time to care for my grass. I’ll make sure to keep this in mind if I decide to have artificial grass installed.

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