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The Bold as Grass ‘High 5’ range provides different artificial grass products and design options for every project. However, If you’re looking for something different, such as a putting green or wall covering, then CLICK HERE to let us know.

Value YOUR Time

Enjoy a beautiful, lush and relaxing retreat for the next ten-plus years. Don’t endure the time it takes to mow, strim, feed, weed & water on a weekly basis…not to mention the costs!

Artificial Grass Never
Looked so Real!

Using the latest technology and developments in artificial grass products and installation we’ll provide a quality lawn that not only looks great but feels great too.

All of our synthetic grasses are tri-coloured with subtle light-brown tufting which gives the impression of thatch and together they combine to create a more natural looking lawn.

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40mm Pile  |  42mm Thick

Our premium grass type is formed from C & D shaped yarn which helps to create a natural lush look and improve pile recoil (the ability of the pile to spring back into an upright position). This stunning, high-density product is not only luxuriously soft but also highly durable.

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38mm Pile  |  40mm Thick

This exceptional grass is composed of C6 shaped yarn to enhance pile resilience. The tri-coloured yarn and dense pile combine to create a beautifully lush and natural-looking lawn.

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35mm Pile  |  38mm Thick

Ideal for a family lawn or commercial area.  Hard wearing but with a natural look and feel, this is a quality grass perfect for any project. A dense pile using a ‘C’ shaped blade improves pile recoil (the ability to spring back into an upright position) and advances in micro-technology helps to reduce ‘shine’. The shorter pile height also makes this durable grass ideal for pets.

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35mm Pile  |  37mm Thick

This is a new generation of artificial grass with multiple blade styles and thatch- effect tuffs creating a natural, multi-level appearance. It’s an all-rounder in terms of durability and performance, whilst still retaining a nice soft pile that’s a pleasure to walk on barefoot!

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38mm Pile  |  40mm Thick

A great value, dense grass which provides a soft evergreen lawn. The tufting retains a realistic thatch and the multi-blade pile continues our mantra of ‘quality’ and performance throughout the range.

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Grass Edging Options

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Pressure-treated timber is the most commonly used type of edging system for a number of reasons; cost, flexibility to cut and work around features, as well as providing an easy opportunity to secure the perimeter. 

For a more durable solution, we offer composite plastic edging, where suitable, which will last up to 30+ years. Composite edging is ideal for following the natural contours of your garden or creating long, sweeping curves.

There are only a limited number of specialist installers in UK that offer this product. Bold as Grass are proud to be one of the few!

The greatest advantage of using steel as an edge, is its strength and longevity.  It’ll far outlast your lawn, which will already last 15 years or more!  This premium product can also be used to create striking bends and shapes.

You can use existing paving or install new kerbing as an alternative option to have your lawn butt up against.  Your turf cannot, of course, be secured to the paving and is usually fixed to a concrete haunch around the perimeter using specialist adhesive.

Pressure-treated sleepers can help create a more level lawn by acting as a retaining structure, whilst also giving an aesthetically pleasing finish.  The sleepers can either be left as a single block to finish your lawn, or turned into a raised bed as an additional feature.  

This is a galvanised steel edge, with a difference.  Still the same long-lasting benefit, but made with ‘tabs’ that allows for easier application of specific adhesive that secures your lawn to the perimeter. No matter the contour your paths or beds follow, this edging system can easily flex to follow the curves. It can also be easily bent for precise right-angled detail.

This system is a premium option that supports the long-term lifespan of your artificial lawn, especially when combined with our Aftercare service.

Pressure Treated Timber Edge

Steel Edging

Paved Edging

Sleeper Edging

Specialist Edge System