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Keen to install artificial grass yourself?  You’ll need to purchase the synthetic grass first, of course. We’ll help you find the option that’s right for you and your home.  You’ll want to choose something that supports your lifestyle and lawn use, whilst adding value to your home.

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DIY artificial grass installation can be testing. We’ll ensure an efficient delivery time to help you get started on your installation as quickly as possible as we understand you’ll be keen to get stuck into the job!

artificial grass installation

Our useful guide on this page will are all you need to go from garden mud-bath to Artificial Grass grass luxury.  We’ve used layman’s terms for an easy-to-follow process that will assist you in installing your grass for the best possible results.

Second thoughts? We can do it for you!

Having a fantastic, low-maintenance artificial lawn starts with correct installation. Using Bold As Grass, you’ve got the flexibility to install our Artificial Grass yourself.  You can follow the detailed installation instructions, or alternatively, arrange for us to professionally install it for you.  Please contact us if you need any support.


Step 1 - Excavate The Surface Correctly

To ensure your Artificial Grass is appropriately laid it’s crucial to excavate the surface where your turf will take pride of place. To do this all pre-existing grass and roots must be removed and the existing surface is dug down to the required level, approximately 100 mm below the final surface.

Step 2 - Produce a solid base

It’s imperative that you build a nice flat surface for your synthetic grass to sit on top of. The first part of this process is to apply a 75mm sub-base of MOT Type 1 and spread evenly across the surface. Next, you’ll need to compact the crushed rock using a vibrating plate or hand tamper. The base acts as a support for your lawn and will assist drainage.

Step 3 - Level & Compact your sub-base top layer

Now apply a 25mm layer of granite to dust on top of the type 1 aggregate. This needs compacted down to a smooth flat finish, ensuring your synthetic grass has a smooth and even surface to sit on top of. You’ll need the vibration plate/hand tamper and plenty elbow grease!

Step 4 - Lay Your Synthetic Grass

It’s time to unroll & lay your synthetic grass on top of the surface. Ensure the direction of pile is correct and all aligned, particularly if you’re laying more than 1 section. After laying, it’s necessary to fix using nails if you have installed a wooden frame around the border, or U Pins around the edges if not, to ensure the grass stays in place. Using 150mm nails or 100mm U Pins, you need place these around the edges every 200 – 250mm.

Step 5 - Secure Joins With Tape

You want your synthetic grass to take on an authentic look therefore your joins are extremely important. Once you have rolled your grass out, you will need to ensure the joins are lined up accurately, with the surface below completely hidden. When complete, peel both layers of synthetic grass back and lay the joining tape where you want the join to be made along the full length – shiny side down! Apply the glue to the tape and spread evenly using a notched trowel, before carefully placing the grass back down on top of the joining tape. You may want to use nails or U Pins to secure the grass whilst the glue takes full effect. Any glue on the grass must be removed immediately using white spirit.

Step 6 - Cut Excess Grass As Required

You’re almost there! You’ll likely see grass protruding from different parts of the surface as the length of grass hasn’t quite fitted with the surface area, including along any joins. Scissors need to be used to clip the grass to help make the surface and any joins seamless for the entire length.

Step 7 - Apply Infill

If you have dogs who use the grass it is worthwhile applying an anti-bacterial and odour control infill evenly across the whole area. It’ll amaze you at just how much infill is needed to complete this task, but it will be time and money well spent, especially in the summer months.

Step 8 - Brush, Brush and more Brushing!

Using a stiff broom, brush the entire surface evenly until no sand is showing on top. It’s no easy task at the time of install, but one of the key elements to make sure the next stage goes well…

Step 9 - Time To Admire

Legend! You’ve finished, now it’s time to step back, invite all your friends and let them admire your hard work!

Skills Needed

Mobility & Level of Fitness 100%
Planning & Design 75%
Accuracy & Measurement 100%
Knowledge & Experience with Tools 80%
Confidence 100%
We’re always asked;  ‘How much does artificial grass cost and why is it so much more expensive than I first thought?’ 😟 We calculate costs, based on Client brief & desire for a maintenance-free, LONG lasting asset to their garden. We recently met a lovely lady who had 5 companies to quote for her 36m2 […]