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A Question of Value Vs. Cost

We’re always asked; 

‘How much does artificial grass cost and why is it so much more expensive than I first thought?’ 😟

We calculate costs, based on Client brief & desire for a maintenance-free, LONG lasting asset to their garden.

We recently met a lovely lady who had 5 companies to quote for her 36m2 garden.

Costs ranged from £900 to £6500 (Seemingly all for the same spec 🤔)!

Why such a huge difference? It’s absolutely crazy! Little wonder she was confused, as well as angry she was clearly offered sub-standard, as well as over-priced, quotes.

Costs are easily broken down for a high quality artificial grass installation.

There are 3 main components:

1.  Groundworks

2.  Labour

3.  Grass

Standards and quality of all 3 can vary MASSIVELY.

Bold As Grass will provide QUALITY at every component.

👍 We offer choice of materials for framework

👍  We measure for most cost effective solutions

👍 We discuss your brief & preferences

👍 We are transparent about materials and process

👍 We show samples so you get what you want!

What we promise NOT to do is cut corners.

We respect this improvement to your home and garden is an investment.

The old adage of ‘You Get What You Pay For’ stands true, as does ‘Pay Cheap, Pay Twice!’  

There should be no hidden costs, that’s why we’ve broken down the costs of a typical install for 36m2 for you and shown it in the Pie Chart above.

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