GROW Your business

Bold as Grass provide commercial artificial grass installation for a wide range applications. So, whether you want to protect existing surfaces or require an alternative temporary or permanent design solution, Bold as Grass can provide it.

welcome to the world of Artificial grass

The commercial opportunities and applications for artificial grass are endless, with the only real limitation being your imagination. 

Artificial grass can be use for festivals, exhibitions and children’s nurseries. Likewise it can also be used to cover walls and ceilings in shops or terraced bars. Above all Bold as Grass can provide them all. 

Artificial turf is therefore a tactile, safe and alternative way to present any area or surface, inside and out!

Importantly, Critical Fall Height Regulations can also be covered through the installation of our shock pad underlay.

Choose from a wide variety high tensile, durable options which remove ongoing costs previously considered in budget forecasts.

Our hassle-free products lends themselves perfectly to the exterior of office buildings, with virtually zero maintenance.

From the most known hotels to the hippest AirBNB apartments, you’ll find artificial turf is becoming far more common – for obvious reasons!

Artificial grass is an ideal option, being clean and maintenance free, it can be used safely by children and pets. When it rains, there’s no mud brought inside! reduce mess, inconvenience & cost!

Whether it’s a rooftop terrace, a balcony or bespoke interior to suit the palate of the Chef’s intentions and frequenting custom; we can fit a tactile solution to floor, walls and/or ceiling!

It’s colourful, tough and easy to maintain….perfect for this kind of environment and suited to clientele looking for something alternative.