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Artificial Grass for Pets


By: Bold As Grass

It’s ‘Love Your Pet Day’ on the 20th February; a perfect opportunity to clarify all the benefits Artificial Grass has to offer you and your family dog, or other pet.

Far from the ‘green carpet’ people often think of, manufacturing advances now means Artificial Grass offers a thick, clean, safe and visually appealing lawn that is soft underfoot, meaning your dog’s paws will love it.  Have a quick peek at our range to see for yourself.

You want your lawn to be used…..but, all that running around leads to high traffic which traditional real grass can’t cope with. Real turf gets churned up, turns brown and even dies, if it isn’t given time to recover.  Artificial Grass prevents these problems, and more, as it’s well suited to the wear and tear from family and pets.

Rest assured that our products are totally safe and non-toxic for you and your pets, so you have nothing to worry about. We all know that dogs like to dig, however, the process we follow for your sub-base, the products we use for levelling and our turf itself have been selected for durability for exactly these tough conditions.

It’s no coincidence that kennels and animal shelters are turning to Artificial Grass as a preferred solution for their comfort. Convenience, through saving s in time and costs, as well as the long-term benefit of retaining aesthetic good looks makes a winning combo’. Real grass has no chance of surviving the day to day stress caused by numerous active dogs and other animals.

The big question…..’Will my pet like it?’

Not only will they like it, they’ll love it! They enjoy a soft surface all year round, no more dry, hard, ground on summer days and no more staying off the grass because Dad’s just fertilised or sprayed for weeds!  

Our Artificial Grass has a specially designed inbuilt drainage system which draws away any liquid, including dog urine. If needed, the grass can be easily hosed down. Should you dog do a ‘number 2’ on the lawn, it can be easily picked up as normal and, if needed, hosed away.

Our products are stain and U.V. resistant and by following our Aftercare and Maintenance, it’ll last for many years.

Rest assured that the days of your dog tracking mud through the house are over. Even when it is raining there will be no mud due to the infill drainage system AND your lawn will be dry in less than half the time!

We know how to professionally prepare your surface to cater for highly active dogs. What we have found is that dogs generally don’t dig on artificial lawns, for reasons yet unknown.

Bold As Grass can design, supply and install Artificial Grass for you (and your pet!) providing you with the following benefits:

  • Realistic looks, your pet won’t notice the difference!
  • Excellent drainage for rain, urine, snow-melt etc
  • Safe, clean and non-toxic
  • Quick and easy to clean and maintain
  • No mud (no dirty paw prints indoors)
  • UV protected to prevent fading and stain resistant

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